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"I have read several different books and peoples outlook on the Y2K but never have I have found anything quite like yours. Your overall coverage is amazing and so simple to follow. In spite of all my husband and I have read, never has there been a workbook section included. We have been saying for a year now, "we really must get one book and start writing down all the things we need to do and buy" To date we haven't purchased the little notebook and started yet. Now it's all conveniently in 1 bookfor us and we certainly will start writing now.

 Your book is amazing because it doesn't spell out "doom and gloom" like so many others do but gives simple solutions to any kind of a disruption or disaster. Your writing style is wonderful and I love all the little captions that you've included down the side of the pages.

- Janet K- ON, Canada 

Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival, Everything I Learned in Scouting but Forgot! This is a true work of art. There couldn't be a better time for thisinformation. Finally an easy to read, and easy to understand bible onpreparedness. Not only should everyone have a copy of this book, but theyshould read it and apply the wisdom within. My hat's off to you both!

- Ron B - ON, Cananda 

"Your well-researched, well-organized handbook is what I've been lookingfor: --a balance between inner and outer preparedness for the unrequested and unexpected twists and turns of life --seriously practical, yet delightfully tempered with a sense of humor and joy of living."

- Jeanie M - Western MT


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