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Carburetor Enhancer

"Several years ago I purchased your books, Carb Enhancer-updated and third edition, as well as HYCO manual Version 2A. I tried both and they worked as advertised. Had a 25ft Southwind motor home with Dodge 440 motor. Was getting 18 MPG after conversion. 8.6 before.

  I actually ran the setup without the carburetor. Lots of power. Just got on the internet and looked you up. Had purchased your great manuals from CRC."

- Ray E. Callahan - 

"1981 Ford Futura, 200ci, 6 cyl, carb. From 19.8 to 58.6 mpg". "HyCO and Carb Enhancer with water injection".

- John Day - 

"1978 AMC Concord "232" C.I.D. . . . have achieved nearly 100 mpg. . . Emissions without HyCO: HC = 329 PPM, CO = 7.38%, CO2 = 10.08%, O2 = 16.6%. Emissions with HyCO: HC = 203 PPM, CO = 0.10%, CO2 = 10.22%, O2 = 18.7%.

- Bud Curran -


"I tried out the carb enhancer on my 85 Grand Marquis [rebuilt 351W - high compression]. Unless I tromp it [which just pours the gas thru], I figured that my milage rose from 19mp/imp. gal to 25 on highway driving, which is where it should have been in the 1st place in this car with an overdrive trany. This is with a bad carb and a slipping trany."

- Peter Brown -


"Installed Carburetor Enhancer basic system on my Dodge 3/4 ton camper van. . . mileage immediately went up to 13 mpg from 9 mpg. Even if it got no mileage gain at all - I'd be pleased, increase in performance was GREAT! . . . Have had Carb. Enhancer for at least a year now, still operates fine no problems."

- David Water -

"After installing your EFIE on a brand new car ( Ford Mondeo ) the before - after test result was what we were looking for. We had a spectacular and stable mileage-increase of 36%. One interesting thing we noted is the reaction of the mechanics: they do not believe that on modern fuel injection cars you can save some gasoline. One thing more: our tests are not approximately made but are controlled by a very sophisticated mileage computer (costs $5700). We will install hundreds of systems on cars here in Switzerland and will add your EFIE on 100% of them.

- Gustav Birth -

"I installed the EFIE on my 95 Honda Accord with the VTEC engine. I also have a sonic vaporizer I built that goes in the PCV line and a Jacobs Electronic ignition system and my mileage jumped from 32 mpg to just below 42 mpg on my first test run."

- Ron Kanna -


Fuel Saver's Misc.
"I ordered your books for turning my 390 Ford F-250 into an more economical vehicle. So far I have realized about 27% mpg efficiency increase during freeway driving with simply drawing vapors off the float bowls."

- Robert Bonner - 

"What I love about your work is that you provide practical, doable solutions, that can be done today. Like with your input on using Hydrogen, I have no one else to blame but myself if I choose not to utilize it."

- Roger Brown -


"1981 Ford 4x4 E150, 300, carb." "From 17 mpg to 24 mpg using water vapor injection." (as per the 'Super Gas Saver Secrets')

 - Richard Grenier -


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