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 "Thanks, George. I would have written you personally, but I did not expect you'd be so directly involved. I very much admire your attitude, philosophy, and conviction. I have the same and will be in contact shortly. Looking forward to our future"

- S - 

"Having been a teacher of Science, Chemistry and Physics for nearly 40 years, I appreciate the fact that you presented your material without talking down to any of us . . . you simply presented the facts . . . Isn't it amazing how people who have never worked on what you are working on, suddenly come out of the woodwork, become instant experts . . . I certainly admire your patience . . . with all the people who try to show you where you are wrong . . . Don't let it bother you! Keep up the good work . . . You have many very interesting project in the works and I, for one, am anxious to see the results.

- Reiny Puhlmann -


"I have checked out your web site and I was very impressed. I'd like to build many of the things you have mentioned on your web site. Right now, I've got a fascination with Brown's gas.   Thank you for your time and research efforts, as well as your printed manuals, which, were well done and understandable."

- Jeff Smathers -



"Your books look to be the most useful and informative available on the net. I've been ... highly interested in high mileage systems for most of a year and am very surprised at the reactions I've had when talking about them. . . . Thanks for daring and challenging the status quo. . . I'll continue passing your information around to mechanics and auto enthusiasts."

- Edward -


"I bought a copy of the carb enhancer and Hyco manuals some time back (1996). . . I have quite a few manuals on this subject I find your's the most practical and easiest to implement. Keep up the good work! "

- Tim Parnaby -


"Thank you, thank you! I'm just finished reading all the books I received from you. It was a lot of wisdom there. I like your work very much."

-Ted Zettergren -


"After anxiously waiting for the stuff, it finally arrived. George-you are a genius! Your compilation and interpretation of existing patents are amazing. Looking forward to putting the fuel savers to work."

 - Gary Fujinami -

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