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fuel saver: hyzor
water as fuel researchwater injection
(assembly required) 

For over 50 years international institutions, universities, engineering associations and independent testing labs have been compiling documentation and test results proving that small amounts of hydrogen added to the internal combustion engine significantly reduces toxic emissions, increases engine performance and provides a more complete burn of the fuel.

ER HyZor (Basic) KIT:

• Small: 10"L * 3"W * 11.5"H  

• Easy To Build and Install: Test-builds by non-mechanical 21 yr old girls

  • 12% - > 35% mileage gains (typical) Savings Calculator  

• Transferable Between Vehicles  

• Significantly Reduces Exhaust Pollution  

• Superior Performance: ~ increase torque 

• Cost Effective: ~ usually pays back in less than a year ~ replaces some fuel with water  

• Installs on all passenger vehicles: ~ natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel ~ fuel-injected & carbureted  

• Seamless Integration: ~ with vehicle's electric & electronic systems ~ with other Eagle-Research enhancements

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