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  In the past, fuel savers would not work when applied to fuel injection because fuel injection systems are actually designed to prevent efficient combustion!   Increasing the combustion efficiency of an engine increases the exhaust oxygen percentage. Fuel injection engines use an oxygen sensor to infer the air/fuel ratio of the engine, the increased oxygen content in the exhaust is 'read' by the computer to be a lean mixture in the engine. The computer then adds extra fuel to bring the pollution back to 'normal'.   This problem led to the development of the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer (EFIE, pronounced Ee-Fy). The EFIE allows you to apply an offset to the voltage coming from the oxygen sensor, so your vehicle's computer is completely un-aware that the oxygen content of the exhaust has increased.   The EFIE Manual explains exactly how to build an EFIE yourself, using parts from an eletronics supplier. The manual also completely details oxygen sensor function and why the EFIE works.
Your Fuel injection system stays original. No matter what fuel saver device or method you use on your fuel injected vehicle, you'll need the EFIE to unleash the full potential of the fuel saver.efie device and operation manual

Note:Actual mileage gains will depend on the capability of the fuel saver(s) you apply to your vehicle. Vehicles with more than one oxygen sensor need an EFIE on each oxygen sensor.



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