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Hydrogen Peroxide is one of those fuels. Now I haven't experimented with it yet, I've just researched it enough to know that it is viable if you have three things: water, air and a source of electricity.

You can't burn hydrogen peroxide in your internal combustion engine that is in your automobile now . You would have to change to a steam turbine,(which you can buy off the shelf). The interesting thing is that you would bo longer need and oil pan, ignition system, cooling system, intake system and most of the moving parts in your engine. The new engine would be about the size of a gallon coffie can and would put out about 150 horsepower.

Further, there is no pollution as the by-products are water and oxygen. You spray the hydrogen peroxide onto a catylist screen, which causes the extra oxygen to be released from the water. The resulting heat turns the water to steam which drives your engine.

If you inject a fuel that needs oxidation, like methane or alcohol, the heat is geat enough to cause it to burn, using up the extra oxygen that was released from the water and causing a great deal more power (because of more heat) in your engine. At this point you are putting carbon di-oxide and water into the air, but no other pollutants (like oxides of nitrogen that cause smog) because there is no air intake. We burn no atmosphere in this engine, so no nitrogen goes into the engine.

I will give more exciting details as I fill out this site.

Actually, you can add a bit of hydrogen peroxide into your engine to increase fuel burn efficiency. You add it as per my simple water injection system outlined in Super Gas Saver Secrets.

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