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 diamond hydrogen
I have put considerable research into using hydrogen as a fuel to heat homes, cook food and power vehicles. It qualifies as an eco-fuel because it can be produced in a totally renewable way.

diamond alcohol
There are lots of types of alcohol, which are all eco-fuels. Alcohol is made from bio-mass, which is readily re-grown from the environment.

diamond wood
Wood is a standard bio-mass used for heat and power. Ships and trains used to be wood-driven, the wood being burned to create steam to drive the steam engines. Wood Gas is a way to use wood to power our 'modern' internal combustion engines.

diamond hydrogen peroxide
During my research I've discovered that hydrogen peroxide has definite promise as a fuel of the future, particularly when combined with fuels that need oxidizing; like alcohol.

diamond turds
There are a couple of ways to use turds as fuel. First is to dry them and burn them like any other bio-mass. And second is to turn them into methane. Methane (also known as natural gas) is an eco-fuel made from bio-mass that can be used to power our 'modern' internal combustion engines.

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