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The enthusiasm of our customers, eager to pass on Eagle-Research energy solutions, has created a demand for bulk purchasing options.

Our intent, in developing these discount options is to acknowledge the goodwill advertising generated by our customers. It is Not our intent, at this time, to create a huge sales force. Therefore, the income generated by the Wholesale and/or DropShip sale of Eagle-Research products should be considered supplementary, at best.

The main business of Eagle-Research continues to be the research and development of (interim) energy solutions. For us, the point of having discounts is to express our gratitude for your 'word of mouth' with a bit of cash.

Please be patient with us. We're still tweaking the kinks out of our systems.

Wholesale: This is the old standard . . . just buy an inventory of products and you get a price break. The larger the volume ordered, the less you pay per item. You advertise, sell and distribute the product yourself.

Select products in the eStore are available at wholesale discounts. http://www.eagle-research.com/store/

DropShip You need no inventory, you advertise our products, you take the order from the customer. Eagle-Research fills it. You keep your share of the money.

The idea is to get the technology out into the marketplace. Our patent-free philosophy is doing a great job!!!

PROVEN RESULTS ON FILE FAIR MARKETING DISCLAIMER TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER Eagle-Research advocates fair marketing practices in all endevours.  Therefore, in support of government efforts to protect the common good, we have created these icons (left).   Statements on this page may be subject to any or all of these self-policing icons.   Click on the icons for detailed information.
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