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Listed below are some of the myths and accompanying proofs associated with Brown's Gas. Further information and further proof can be found in Brown's Gas Book 1 & 2.

We're not trying to slam Brown's Gas, just the opposite. Brown's Gas, like anything else, has it's appropriate uses. People have assumed uses that are impractical and I simply point these out so that the gas can be used in it's most practical applications (see Fabulous Uses).

Here we discuss the impracticality of using Brown's Gas to desalinate or purify water.

Atmospheric Engine
We point out a serious miscalculation from Yull Brown that allowed some people to think that Brown's Gas could be used in an over-unity fashion - using the earth's atmospheric pressure to run an implosion engine.

Though it is possible to make Brown's Gas implode, mostly it explodes.

Powering Vehicles
We show why it is not yet practical to run a vehicle on water, even using Brown's Gas. But there is HOPE, see what I mean.

Home Uses
There are very few places where I'd use Brown's Gas in the home. It's unique characteristics make it very impractical and dangerous in home use applications.

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