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• We have a modifier tank (for special gas modifying) which allows infinitely variable adjustment; another feature found only on the ER 1150 WaterTorch™.

• Our bubbler tank, electrolyzer tank and modifier tanks are all easily filled from the top of the housing.

• We have a holder for an oxygen bottle. Again, a feature found only on the ER 1150 WaterTorch™. All electrolyzers use extra oxygen for the efficient cutting of iron, only we provide apparatus to secure an oxygen bottle. We also provide fittings for both the Brown's Gas out and the oxygen out, right on the front of the case.

• Our operation controls have been reduced to the bare minimum, just one switch. We have full feature, automatic operation. Turn the ER 1150 WaterTorch™ on and you can see, at a glance, all the monitored functions:

• electrolyzer 'gas production' light: this light ligER1150 water Torchhts only when the electronics sense a low pressure in the electrolyzer itself, then the power is allowed to go through the electrolyzer so that more gas is produced. This light will blink at a varying rate depending on the amount of gas being used.

Electrolyzer liquid level lights: A series of lights that tell the electrolyte level in the electrolyzer tank itself. The lights, from top to bottom:
• red: too high liquid level; shuts off gas production; sounds buzzer.
• green: liquid level in acceptable range for optimum operation.
• yellow: liquid level getting low; sounds buzzer
• red: liquid level too low; sounds buzzer; shuts off gas production.
• bubbler water light: when the bubbler needs water this light lights, the buzzer sounds and the gas production is shut off.
• electrolyzer over-temperature light: when the electrolyzer gets too hot this light lights, the buzzer sounds, and gas production is shut off.
• electrolyzer over-pressure light: if the electrolyzer was to get over-pressure this light would light, the buzzer would sound and gas production would be permanently shut off until the electrolyzer is fixed by a technician.

We have a regular mechanical pressure gauge for several reasons:

  • the pressure can be seen even when the electricity is shut off.
  • the gauge requires no electricity to operate.
  • the gauge is simple and rugged.
  • the gauge is less expensive.
  • the gauge requires little or no maintenance.
  • in case of poor operation, the gauge is easily replaced.

The user-friendly electronics keep the gas pressure to a fraction of a psi for a consistent, steady, reliable flame.

The ER 1150 WaterTorch™ electronics are built with standard, reliable components; that have been designed to last a hundred years.

All the ER 1150 WaterTorch™ components are designed to be easily taken apart for cleaning or replacement as needed.

There will be full technical support for the operation and servicing of the ER 1150 WaterTorch™.

Our main purpose has been to design and build a simple and efficient Brown's Gas electrolyzer. As you can see, the ER 1150 WaterTorch™ is a huge leap ahead of any electrolyzer technology that has existed before.

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