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With a 1200 watt electrolyzer at 2 volts across the electrolyzer; we would have 1.2 volts across the bridge rectifier (the voltage required for the electricity to go through two diodes) times 375 amps equals 450 watts (heat) in the rectifiers. More than 1/3 of the electrical power going through a traditional electrolyzer is wasted as wattage (heat) in the rectifiers.

Further, this heat must be removed from the diodes (rectifiers) or they will fry. Consequently a huge heat sink (large, heavy and expensive) and, a fan are usually needed for conventional electrolyzers using this much amperage. (This is the same fan required by the large, heavy, noisy, inefficient, inductive power transformer).

However, a 1200 watt series-cell electrolyzer at 240 volts only needs to draw 5 amps. 1.2 volts times 5 amps equals 6 watts heating the diodes. Only a small heat sink is needed to cool these small, inexpensive diodes; no fan is required.

Thus our ER 1150 Water Torch can operate all day with NO FAN or cooling system of any kind, making it a simple and quiet machine.

Safety Features
Here is a partial list of our many safety features, mostly inherent, in the design of the ER 1150 Water Torch.

The ER 1150 Water Torch is completely explosion proof. Since we are mixing gasses that can explode, we over-designed every component so that there would be no leaks if there was an explosion in the machine itself. We've tested the machines with multiple high pressure explosions.

The electronics have been designed to shut off the ER 1150 Water Torch if any of the sensors become disconnected. This is a safety feature unique to the ER 1150 Water Torch.

We have a special mechanical over-pressure switch, not connected to our electronics, which will independently shut off the gas production, should the pressure in the ER 1150 Water Torch rise above the normal operating set-point. This switch has no re-set; it is installed so that a technician would have to come and fix whatever problem caused the over-pressure. We don't anticipate this would ever happen, but we include the safety feature anyway.

A bubbler which stops any backfire from reaching the electrolyzer itself has been included in our design. We have found water to be the only reliable method to stop a backfire.

The bubbler water level is electronically monitored so that the ER 1150 Water Torch will not operate if the water level is not high enough. The electrolyzer can take a backfire anyway, but the point is safety, safety, safety.

The electrolyzer tank liquid levels are electronically monitored to prevent gas production if the fluid level is too low or too high.


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