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  Example of link and text:   http://www.eagle-research.com is a wonderful website for people who want to learn how-to;   • Burn WATER in torches, replacing acetylene and propane;   • Go twice as far on a gallon of gasoline.   • Reverse their electric meter, legally.   • Get FREE electricity directly from the air and ground using no fuel. and much more . . .  
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Text link 1:   http://www.eagle-research.com   Eagle-Research promotes, develops and distributes practical solutions (since 1984) including alternative free energy options, environmental sustainability, energy conservation, patent-free technology, cooperative exchange of information, self-reliance, and overall development of human potential.
Text link 2:   http://www.eagle-research.com/self-reliance/crisis.html   Eagle-Research has published 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' - the proactive workbook designed (complete with many checklists and work pages) to help people prepare for ANY crisis, as simple as losing a job, to environmental disasters.
  Banner (animated)1: by Eagle-Research Site Designer Tenaj Da Costa   REVERSE YOUR ELECTRIC METER   UTILITY PAYS YOU   This banner links to: http://www.eagle-research.com/fenergy/hydro.html  
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This banner links to:   http://www.eagle-research.com/fuelsav/fsbasic/supersec.html  
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